Monday, July 21, 2008

Update on our Life

Here is random updates on our life. I have a few pictures I need to post. I also did a post about our trip to Oregon so keep scrolling down when you finish this post. Life has been pretty normal. The one big update I have is that Caitlyn is Potty Trained! After a few failed attempts I finally was able to get it done. It was so easy once SHE was ready to do it. I am firm believer that they will do it when they are ready and if you try and force them you won't win. It seriously took maybe a day. There have been a few accidents but that is to be expected. It is weird that she potty trained I seriuosly never thought it would happen. I had been so frustrated with it. It is a whole new world but I am so glad it is done. Hopefully Elsa will be easy too. As a bribe to get her to go poop in the potty we told we would take her to Chuck E Cheese so tonight for FHE that is what we did. We went with my Brother and his family because there little boy Brock who is Caitlyn's age also is potty training and that was his reward too. I am still trying to decide who liked it more Wade or Caitlyn. I had to keep reminding Wade that we were there for kids and not him. Here some pictures from the last few weeeks.

I had to take a picture of this. Caitlyn made a bed out of boxes that I still need to put away. She keeps me on my toes. I love to see her little mind work. The other funny thing in this picture is the story of why Elsa has a hairbow on. While Elsa was napping I made some hairbows for a gift. I was sizing them on her head to make sure they would fit. So when I took the bow off she threw a fit so I went and got one of her hairbows and she kept it on all night.

MMMMM! Licorice. I don't reccomend giving 1 year olds licorice. It seriously took like 20 wet wipes to get it all cleaned up. She was in heaven though.
Elsa's new favorite place to play is in Laundry baskets full of dirty clothes and if there is clean folded ones in there she will unfold them for you. I couldn't keep her out of there she kept going and climbing back in.
Here are the girls enjoying a ride with Chuck e Cheese.
Here is Caitlyn having a tea party with her Bear.


Anonymous said...

It is so fun to see the pictures of my cute kiddos. I'm so proud of Caitlyn and being potty trained. YEAH!!!

Tristen said...

I am so happy for YOU that Caitlyn is potty trained! What a relief to have that done with! Can't wait for you guys to come up here!

Angela said...

It is a wonderful feeling having a child potty train. I totally agree with you that it has to be there idea and you will know when they are ready. Looks like you had fun a Chuck E Cheese.

Perry Family said...

Mark LOVES Chuck E Cheese too!! Isn't it great having a potty trained child? It really makes you feel like they are growing up right before your eyes!

Liz Prisbrey said...

YAY CAITLYN!! And a BIG WOO HOO for Alexis!!! That's a NICE milestone!