Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pictures on the Camera

When I went to download the Halloween Pictures I found a few other pcitures on the camera that were cute so I had to share. We are in the phase with Elsa where she wants to do everything her big sister Caitlyn does. One morning Caitlyn brought in an apron to put on her so she could cook in her kitchen. Well, Elsa was right behind her with an apron for her. They went into Caitlyn's room and cooked some Mac and Cheese. They are so cute together. I always have 2 helpers in my kitchen ready to help at any time. Caitlyn is now setting the table. She can be tired or throwing a fit and I say okay it is time to set the table, and her face lights up and she is ready to help. I hope it lasts forever. If only she could wash all my dishes!
Wade ran in a 5K Last weekend so we went to support him. I only snapped a couple of pictures but it was fun. It was at the Southern highlands Fall Festival. They had Bounce houses and all kinds of vendors giving out free food.


Angela said...

I am really proud my brother for running that race. Great Job Wade! I love the girls in their aprons and Caitlyn's choice of shoes. Too Cute!!!

Liz Prisbrey said...

YAY Wade!! Good for him!

I love the picture of Caitlyn in the high heels!