Friday, July 17, 2009

June Happenings

Yes, I know July is almost over but I am finally finding a minute when my kids aren't around I have the energy to blog. I decided I needed to catch up before the baby comes or it won't happen. So here are pictures and what we did in June.

Caitlyn had swimming lessons at Sunset Park this year. She actually did pretty well this year except she would not put her face in the water. Wade took her her first 2 days because I was in Utah at a funeral. It was quite hot sitting at swimming lessons and kind of pain being up and out of the house every day but we survived. Wade took these pictures or we probably wouldn't have any because I always forget the camera.

Below is a picture Caitlyn took of Wade and I. She loves taking pictures.

One weekend we watched Brock for Tyler and Sarah while they had a night away. They really are cute together. I did realize over this weekend that Caitlyn is quite bossy. We are trying to teach her to be nice. I was practicing the piano and so Caitlyn and Brock starting dancing. Too cute!

In June we took a vacation to Utah. It is our only family vacation this summer. It was a lot of fun. I forgot our camera but we were still able to get pictures with my MIL's camera.
One of the days we drove up to Blackfoot, ID to see the grave of Elsie who my Elsa is named after. Yes, I know the spelling is different but they are pronounced the same. We changed the spelling so Elsa wouldn't have her name pronounced wrong her whole life. Elsie and Birger that are buried here are Wade's Grandpa's brother and sister that died when they were young. That is who Elsa is named after. It was fun to visit the grave. As you can see it was pouring rain so we had to be quick.
One of the main reasons for going up when we did is so we would take our kids through a temple so we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Open house.

Here is Riley Caitlyn and Nathan, Elsa wouldn't get in the picture, in the tent after the open house where we had cookies and water.
Here is Elsa playing with Bitsy my in-laws dog. She loves loves loves dogs. I really don't ever want a dog so she has to enjoy other peoples. She just follows the dog around and has to know where she is at all times. It cracks me up to watch her play with Bitsy.

In June was Caitlyn's big Spring Dance Recital complete with costumes. This year though was Lori's 30th year of teaching so she had all of her alumni come back and dance. It was so fun to be dancing again. So being 7 months pregnant I was out there dancing.

Below is my age group dancing to Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. This dance was complete with some great early 90's dance moves like the running man, cabbage patch , and kid n play.

Here is Caitlyn dancing. She is so cute to watch. She loves dance so much.

Here is me in the tap number. Here is Caitlyn before the show.


Angela said...

I am impressed you were dancing at 7 months pregnant. Caitlyn looks so cute!

Liz Prisbrey said...

Okay??? Where is the video of this dancing?? You were supppose to let me know when it was so I could go watch! :-)

And you probably get sick of hearing me say this, but Caitlyn looks so beautiful in her little dance outfit! I just love red hair and big blue eyes!