Sunday, February 3, 2013

Grandma Christiansen's funeral

Sadly January ended with Wade's grandma Christiansen dying. She had been going down hill over the last year or so. The last few months had been up and down. We would get calls she wasn't eating and couldn't get out of bed but then she would start doing better. We knew her time was limited but we just didn't know when it would be. We were able to see her at thanksgiving. She was able to meet and hold brooke. I Always love visiting grandma and grandpa C when we go to Utah. They are always excited to see us and are so sweet with my girls. The Friday before she died we got a text that she was not eating. We knew it would only be a few days. She made it through the weekend. On Monday the hospice nurses came in the morning and got her dressed. Grandpa c went outside to shovel some snow and when he came back inside he couldn't wake her. She was gone. I am glad it was peaceful for her. Wade's grandpa took such great care of her through all of his. After she died when they were waiting for the funeral home to come get her body, he went and got her favorite red blanket and covered her body in it. I thought that was so sweet.

We left for Utah on Thursday for the funeral. The funeral was very nice. All six children spoke and the grandchildren and great grandchildren sang I Am A Child of God while I accompanied them. I loved to hear the stories the children gave about her. Two of the daughters talked about the love that grandma and grandpa had for each other. They were always holding hands. They always sat by each other at church. Kids were not allowed between them. She was a great supporter of her husband in his many church callings. She taught her kids how to work. She was a great gardner and loved a nice looking yard. The kids did not always like he yard work but loved the end result. She was always dressed well and had a great sense of style. When Wades sisters were younger she should take them shopping at Nordstrom for a new outfit. As I watched the slideshow of pictures of her through the years she was always dressed so well. It was interesting to sit and listen to stories of things that were taught to Wade's dad Scott that have been passed on to Wade. She was a neat lady and was a great example to me. As I sat and listened to the various stories there were so many things that she did that I want to apply in my life. I know that we will all miss her and are sad that she is gone. I am grateful for the knowledge of the plan of salvation to know that we are sealed to her and will see her again. It makes this process so much easier. Below are some pictures I took. Mostly from the graveside service. Wade was asked to dedicate the graveside. He did an awesome job. He was grateful for the opportunity to do that.

The picture on the front of the program is grandpa c's favorite picture of her.


Unknown said...

I am so sorry for your loss. She sounds like one amazing woman. I love the photo of her too. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family.

Alexis said...

Thanks Ashley.