Saturday, May 17, 2008


Music is a major part of life. I love it. Not a day goes by that I haven't been singing through out the day and I wish I could say the same about playing the piano. Music has always been a part of life. I grew up in a musical family, starting playing the piano at age 6 and always loved to sing. When I entered high school and joined Mrs. B's music program my love of music grew to a new level. Growing up I had been around a lot of people in her program, my mom accompanied a lot the students and would substitute for Mrs. B. I couldn't wait to be a part of it. We were suppose to move to Utah in my my 8th grade year but that changed and we stayed in Vegas so I was able to be in choir. Choir at Chaparral was not just an easy A. You were in that program because you loved it. It was well established by the time I entered it and it was awesome.
Tonight gave me a chance to reflect on really how much being a part of that program really made me the person I am today and not just musically. Marsha Borovicka, or Mrs. B as we called her, is retiring at 33 years of teaching, 23 of those at Chap. Tonight there was a retirement party for her. It was fun to go there and see some of the great friends I had in HS but I haven't seen in 7 or 8 years. These are the people that I spent all my waking hours with in HS. Choir was basically my social life. During the Christmas season we would have 30 or so performances. I was around all these people all the time. Some of them I have stayed in good contact with but I wish we could have just all kept in touch but most have gone on and gotten married and have kids and families but it is fun to have a reunion once in awhile.
As I sat and listened to the various people that spoke at the party I couldn't help but sit and think about how much Mrs. B and this program really had an effect on my life. I learned a lot of what I know about music because of her. I learned a ton about leadership as well. It is amazing to this day when I go to other choir performances that I still notice people touching their face and not looking at the director, all things Mrs. B taught us not to do. Those things are ingrained in my head. I grew so munch as a person. I have never really sat and thought about how much impact those 4 years had on my life. We moved across town the middle of my sophomore year and there was no way I was going to switch schools and leave her program so I stayed at Chap and drove the 20 minutes to school everyday. At the end of the presentation we sang "Friends"(at the end of every spring concert we sing that song and alumni were always welcome to come sing it) I never can get through that song without crying and tonight was no exception. It was a great night I am thankful to have that time to remember all that choir taught me and how important music is to me. Mrs. B said tonight to make sure that we are singing with our kids because there is a lot of yuck in this world and music can help us get through that. I totally agree music has amazing power in our lives. I hope I will never forgot the wonderful memories I have that program and all that it taught me.


Sarah said...

What about clapping on stage! What a no-no! The reunion was great. So fun to see everyone. Great blog!

Liz Prisbrey said...

She IS amazing! I totally agree with you about what you notice in other choirs. Not only us, but how put together she always is. I've seen some pretty scraggly choir directors.

Tristen said...

Oh yah, you are tagged...even though I know you probably won't do it...oh well huh?!

Angela said...

Alexis I am tagging you too! Not sure if you'll do it but tag your it.