Monday, June 23, 2008

Air Conditioning

I could not live in Las Vegas without air conditioning in the summer. I rarely spend any time out outside unless I am at the pool. It is usually hot getting the kids in the car to run errands but I can get through it because I know that air conditioning in my car, house, or the store will be there ready to give me relief. Sunday Morning though my air conditioning in my house let me down.

Let me back up to a week ago. Remember as you read this that we are on a corner lot and the side of our house with the most windows gets the afternoon sun. So it was Saturday night about 7 p.m and I was getting ready to bathe the kids. I looked at our thermostat and it read 85 degrees. It really didn't feel 85 degrees so just kind of thought that it was because the sun was shining through a window right on to the thermostat. The air was blowing cold so I figured the sun was going down so it should cool down. When we went to bed at 11 it was reading 80 degrees. Keep in mind too that for 4 hours our AC is just running constantly so think of the great power bill we get to pay. That night Wade and I decided to we need to get solar screens. It was one of those things that we have talked about but have never done. After dealing with sales guys, calls to the Homeowners, and our window company I am happy to say that those have been ordered and should be installed next week. Also that night I was asking Wade if he thought our AC was working right or if we should have it serviced because it has been 4 years in this house and we have never had it serviced. We decided to get the solar screens and then maybe have it serviced.

Now that brings me to Saturday night. We went to bed around 11 and the AC was working fine. Around 5 I wake up and Wade is sitting up in bed I think Elsa is waking up to. I was asking Wade what he was doing. I didn't think he was getting up for the day. He said aren't you hot the AC is out it is 85 degrees. I thought I am kind of hot but sometimes I wake up hot. He went and checked the breakers and they were fine. I feed Elsa, she went back to sleep and I came downstairs. Around 5:30 Caitlyn woke up so she came downstairs with us. We called the repair people and after a few phone calls back to them we were scheduled to have it serviced between 9 and 12. I went back to sleep for a little bit and then had to get ready for church. We went to church and then I went to my parents while Wade came home to wait for the repair man that was of course running late. It ended up being something that powers the compressor. Thankfully it wasn't anything to major or expensive. I came home around 3:30 and it was still like 85 degrees but at least cold air was coming out of the vents. As long as I didn't move too much and sat under the fan downstairs it wasn't miserable, I was able to get a little nap in. Elsa also took a nap in the heat. We went to my SIL's house to have cake and ice cream for her birthday so it was nice to get out of the hot house. We came home and put the kids to bed. Around 11 when I was going to bed I heard Elsa over the monitor choking so I ran in her room and she had thrown up. What a great ending to the day. I changed her and the sheets and got her back to sleep. She hasn't thrown up since so I am wondering if the heat of yesterday got to her. We haven't been around anybody that has been sick and she was acting totally normal before and after she threw up so who knows. I hope it was just the heat because I don't want to pass that around. Every so often I think we just have to be reminded of how many wonderful things we have in this life like air conditioning.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Even with no air the girls still looked adorable for church. (I love Target Clearance!)

Anytime I get the camera out Caitlyn wants a picture taken of her so she can see herself.Elsa has discovered purses especially mine. It is the perfect size for her and kept her very entertained at church yesterday.Elsa has discovered the kitchen drawers.One day I looked over at Elsa and she was sitting on Caitlyn's couch reading a book. Too cute!


Liz Prisbrey said...

Ug, that sucks! Been there and it is not fun! And I noticed from this blog that you get to sleep a lot. How is that fair?? Also, how come when I click on you pictures they don't get big? Cut photos though! I can't believe how old Caitlyn is looking!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the air. Glad it got fixed so quick. I love the pictures. THANKS!!!

Angela said...

I had the air out a couple of weeks ago and when Spencer went up in the attic the safety switch wasn't down so it wasn't major but I sure can't live without it either. The pictures of the girls are so cute and I am glad you blogged some pictures. Hopefully we will see you guys when you drive up to Oregon.

Carl and Tami said...

So true, sometimes we forget to be grateful for the many little and big things we are blessed with in life ~ Glad it wasn't anything really expensive to fix.

Perry Family said...

I would not live in Vegas without good a/c...but then that brings the power bill up:( I've been thinking about getting solar screens as well, but haven't gotten any quotes or anything...probably well worth it though!
Your girls look so cute in matching outfits, I love it!

Caleb and Diane said...

I am glad you got your AC to work!! It always sucks not having a nice cool place to go back to.

Cute Kids by the way!!