Thursday, January 15, 2009

Polar Express

This year we were able to go to Williams, AZ to ride the Polar Express. Last year for Christmas my brother and his wife gave us this trip for Christmas. It was so much fun. It was hard to wait a whole year but worth the wait. It was perfect little trip. Not too far of a drive but just enough to get away. It was cold in Williams though. Part of the present was matching pajamas for the trian ride. Below is a picture of all of us. There was close to 40 people. It was a lot of fun to be with all the family. I am glad we all get a long and like each other so we can do these things. the day before we left Elsa woke up with Croup. Yeah! So off the doctor we went for the steriod shot. I didn't want anything coming in the way of the trip. We left on Saturday rode the train that night and then drove home Sunday. Part of the package was a dinner and Breakfast buffet. the train ride was a lot of fun. Caitlyn had a great time. Elsa was not feeling very well on the Train ride but I think she still enjoyed it as well. It was a great trip. Thanks Tyler and Sarah. Below are the pictures we took from the weekend.

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