Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter (and My Birthday)

Since it has been a week I decided I better blog about Easter and my birthday. We had a good Easter. This year my birthday was on Easter. I have had a few birthdays that fall on Easter. The story from my mom about when my birth was scheduled (she had C-Sections on all 5 kids) was that she had to direct the Ward choir on Easter Sunday and then they could schedule the C-section. We went out Saturday night with some of my family with no kids and that was nice. Having a birthday 3 days for the tax deadline is not the best birthdate to have being married to a CPA but we have made it work. Even though Wade is super busy my birthdays have always been great. On Sunday we woke up and Wade made pancakes while the girls played with their easter baskets. The highlight of my Easter Sundays is getting my girls dressed in their dresses that their Grandma (my mom) made for them. They don't know how spoiled they are with the dresses they get to wear. After church we went to my parents for an Easter dinner. It was very nice because I didn't have to do anything since it was my birthday. It was a great day. My girls were adorable and it will be fun next year when I have 3 girls in Dresses.


Jacquelynn said...


I'm such a jerk! Sorry I never called. Happy late birthday!!! I have thought of you several times, but things are kinda crazy and I never called! Can't wait to see you. I need this trip!

Perry Family said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a good one, esp since it fell on Easter this year!! The girls' dresses are so beautiful!

Liz Prisbrey said...

Love the sponge curlers!!

So I hope you got my HAPPY BIRTHDAY on facebook because I completely spaced calling you on Easter. I thought about texting you at ten o'clock at night and then didn't. I can't remember why. But I did think about you! :-)

Anonymous said...

The girls look darling. I'm jealous Papa is down there without me. Give the girls a love from Nana. :)