Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tax Season

So what do you do when it is tax season and your husband is a CPA? You have a picnic on your porch. On this day he called me (during our nap time) and said that he would not be home until 9 or 10. I was like okay guess I am not cooking dinner. The girls wanted Cheese sandwiches and a picnic so that is what I did. To keep my sanity during the last few weeks of tax season I have to get really creative so I don't have a breakdown EVERY DAY. Being pregnant and staying home with the two kids was pretty hard some days. Luckily I have family close by that I can go hang out with when I need the break. This was the week Wade worked 70 hours. The kids saw him Sunday and didn't see him until Wednesday night. It is a crazy time of year. I am grateful for his sacrifice for our family. It is definitely hard during Busy season but I am starting to get used to it. Every busy season gets a little easier. It is now over and Wade has taken a few days off and so it has been very nice. Here are the pictures from our picnic. It is amazing to me how much they can find to do on our little porch. They stay entertained forever and never want to come inside.

My kids are so hard to pose for pictures.

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