Saturday, November 7, 2009

October Happenings

Here is a cute picture of Samantha before we went to church on Sunday. I love getting girls ready for Church. Below are our pictures from Halloween. We went to the annual Barlow family chili cook-off night. After we eat all of the chili we go tick-or- treating around my brother's neighborhood. Elsa would have gone all night. I stayed back at the house with Sam but got a call from Wade halfway through to pick up Caitlyn because she was tired.

This is a picture at our Trunk or Treat. Wade gave out full size candy bars.

We also took a trip to Utah in October for my brother-in-laws homecoming talk and my aunt was also having a weekend for all her nieces. Wade kept the 2 girls for the 2 days while I took Samantha with my and went down to my aunt's house. Wade had the camera so I don't have any pictures from the niece's weekend but it was a blast.
Here is a picture of Papa Scott with Sam. He always takes my babies and rocks them to sleep even if they are fussy he will still take them. It is the best.
I am not an animal lover and so I do not really enjoy the zoo. This trip it worked out great because Wade could take the kids without me. They had a blast. The girls loved it. I had a blast eating at Kneaders while they were at the zoo. It was a win win for all parties.


Angela said...

Papa is the best with fussy babies. He always had the magic touch with Morgan. I see the girls had fun at the zoo along with flat Morgan.

Liz Prisbrey said...

Wow, Elsa looks just like you in that second picture! And I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with Wade. He was leading the pack!

Tristen said...

haha I love that Wade dressed up for Halloween too! Looks like a fun month! We loved hanging out when you guys were up here! The kids had a blast at the zoo!