Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Dresses

Yes, we are still alive around here. I know I have not blogged in months. I still have some Christmas pictures and other things from December to post so those will probably still come sometime soon. The last few months have been crazy.
The girls looked so cute in their dresses though I wanted to get these pictures posted. Since Easter Sunday falls on General Conference I had the girls wear their dresses a week early. My mom made the dresses again this year.

Here are the girls smiling and looking adorable. Keep scrolling down to get a glimpse into what life is really like around here most days.

This is what it is like around my house when there is something Elsa wants that she can't have and when Sam is hungry and tired. Caitlyn just wants everybody to be happy.

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Kara said...

Cute dresses and cute girls! Thanks for keeping it real when it comes to kids acting out and life not always being perfect. I hate when I read blogs and all people blog about is all the good things and it just makes you feel crappy cause life isn't always a cup of tea- for me anyway!
Sam looks so big and cute with her big smile! Hope you are doing well.