Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter and Vacations

For Easter this year we were in Vegas. Caitlyn was on track break and so we planned a trip to Vegas and Utah. The weekend we went down was my nephew's baptism and Easter so it worked out great. I  stayed in Vegas for another week and half while Wade had to come back home and work.  I celebrated my 30th birthday while we were down there as well. It was so fun to see family, for my kids to play with their cousins and to see old friends. It was weird to be back there and have Vegas not be my home anymore. Thankfully it wasn't too hot while we there. We left right before the heat hit. I didn't pull out the camera enough so I only have pictures from Easter.

These are the pictures from Easter Morning. The kids were up way to early but I survived. I am not a morning person. The Easter bunny found us at Grandma's and hid the eggs for an Easter egg hunt. 

 Here are the girls in their Annual Easter Dresses made by mom. I love these dresses. They turned out so cute. The group shot took about 10 pictures to just get one decent one.

After Vegas we went up to Salt Lake. Wade flew back to Vegas to drive up to Utah so he could have a little vacation after the Tax deadline. We went to  Ikea, the Hoogle Zoo and the new City Creek mall. We just hung out the rest of the time. I was able to sneak in a dinner with my Girlfriends I grew up with. That is always fun to see them and catch up. I don't have a ton of pictures because we forgot our camera in Vegas. Wade got a few on his phone though.

 We have to go to Ikea every time we go to Utah. We love that store. We especially wanted to go this time because we need some furniture pieces for our house. This picture below is the girls with their cousin Rylee eating lunch at Ikea. We love to eat there.

 The kids just play all day while we are there and by bedtime are so tired. Elsa fell asleep reading so we snapped a picture.

Here the girls are at the Zoo. This was Sam's first time and she loved all the animals. She would get so excited over all of them. It was so fun to watch her.

 The one thing Caitlyn wanted to see at the Zoo was a peacock. I don't know where she got that from. We saw the peacock and then when we went on the carousel that is what Caitlyn wanted to ride.

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