Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Holy Pictures!!!

I have not blogged in six months nor I have I loaded pictures from my camera to my computer. So now you have this huge post of cute pictures. I needed to document them for Family history purposes.

This is Elsa on Christmas day. She fell asleep in the playhouse tent that my mom made. It goes over our table. It is awesome. Elsa and Sam were pretty sick on Christmas this year.

Here are our pictures from Christmas morning.

These are our pajamas we got on Christmas Eve.

Here are the girls in their Christmas dresses. Sam was cracking me up in these pictures.

This is a random pictures. Usually on Laundry days the girls will climb in the laundry baskets. Who needs toys?
Here is Caitlyn at her Christmas dance recital. She is turning into quite the dancer!

Here is Elsa at her dance recital. This is what she did a lot of the time. She was easily distracted. She had tap step down though. Once she started she didn't stop.
I had to snap this picture because it is a rare occasion for Sam to crawl up on her dad's lap. She is a mamma's girl but we are trying to change that.
When I went in to check on the girls before I went to bed, this is how I found Elsa. Too Cute.
Halloween 2010

Random Cute pictures of Sam. She is a busy girl
I have pictures of all of my girls doing this same thing.

Aunt Angie gave Sam this cute dress for her birthday!
Here is Sam's first birthday celebration back in August. Better late than never! This was her first time ever eating cake or dairy because of her allergy. She loved it and had no reaction. We are grateful that she no longer has any allergies

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