Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Home Improvement Projects

For the past month around here we have doing some home improvement projects. Some voluntary some involuntary. Nevertheless all good things in the end. After living with flooring that I never really liked we finally got new flooring. I love it. Big thanks to my in-laws for coming down from Utah to help with the flooring one weekend and coming down again to do the painting and baseboards. So here are my before and after pictures.

This was my kitchen before. We had a textured linoleum that never looked clean to me.
Here is the hallway ready to have new flooring laid in it. Wade spent all day Friday getting our house ready for new flooring.

This picture is a little disturbing to me. I knew our carpet was bad but not this bad. The "white" piece underneath is from under our TV so it was never walked on. The pieces around it that our "gray" are what we had been living with. I am so glad I don't have to have that carpet anymore.
Here are the girls helping out.

After Pictures
Here is a picture of our new faucet. We discovered our old one was leaking. This was an involuntary repair but I do like my new one.
We painted all our walls a light tan color. After 6 years in our house and 3 kids we needed to upgrade our paint. If I tried to wipe the walls clean the paint would just come off.

We put in taller baseboards. We had to take our old ones off to do the laminate.

Here is a picture showing our wood laminate. We left a little area with carpet by our couches. In the back left corner of this picture is where you enter from our garage. We wanted to put laminate in our high traffic areas so the carpet would not get ruined again. We also had carpet under our table area before so it is nice to have laminate.

Here is the kitchen now. That is also a new dishwasher in the background. That was also an involuntary improvement but I am sooo happy to have a new one.
Here is our entry way now.

New Carpet !!!! Yeah!!! I am so excited about the new carpet. Our old carpet was gross. We do still have it in the bedrooms but they are not as bad. We will probably re-carpet those next year. Our new carpet is so soft and thick. I love it. I feel like I have a new house. Big thanks to my husband and in-laws cause they did all the work for the improvements. there are still some little touch up things to do but the major part is done!


Matt and Shannon said...

It looks great! is your family for hire? We want to do the same thing and update our house a bit.

karensdanglingconversation said...

So fun to catch up on all you are doing Lexie! Your house looks fantastic! Yipee! And another baby on the! You go girl!