Thursday, January 10, 2008

Elsa's Stats

Today I had to take Elsa to the doctor for her 6 month well check. Where has the time gone? I cannot believe it has been 6 months since she was born. She weighed 19 lbs 10 oz (yes I know she weighs a lot just be thankful you don't have to carry her around. Don't forget also that she started out at 9lbs 4 oz) She is 26 inches long and her head is 17 1/2 inches. She is totally healthy everything looked great.
Of course Caitlyn did throw up again last night. I am not sure when she did. Sometime after 2 but when we got her up this morning she had dried throw up on her. I know that might be too much information for some of you. She is acting fine today though. It is like I said in my previous post she always throws up randomly for a couple days. So we are doing lots of laundry again today. I had arranged to have my parents watch Caitlyn so I didn't have to take both kids to the doctor but since she threw up again I decided to take her with me. I didn't want to get my parents infected in case she still has some germs living on her. It didn't go too badly. Caitlyn must have thought the visit was for her because she gave me some resistance when we went into the exam room. Luckily the doctor had a sucker so that kept her entertained and calm while he examined Elsa. I have a great doctor. I recently had to switch because my doctor moved out of town but I have been really happy with the one I switched too. He'll answer all my questions and I never feel like he is in a rush. I did ask him how long the stomach flu can take to show up and he said 4 to 5 days so Elsa nor Wade are out of the clearing yet. Only time will tell.

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