Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oh The Stomach Flu

For those of you who know me well know that I HATE the stomach flu. If there is a family gathering and somebody has had the stomach flu, we usually miss the family gathering. I know that we eventually will probably get it from somewhere else but I will not put myself somewhere that I know someone had it. I'm sure my family thinks I'm weird sometimes but I don't care. I hate it that much. My dislike has grown even more now that I have kids. I hear people say sometimes how kids get it but the moms don't. Yeah that has never happened to me. If Caitlyn has it I get it. There was only one time Caitlyn had a mild case and I didn't get it. I was also 40 weeks pregnant so I guess I was blessed. I get the stomach flu at least 3 times a year. I don't know what my immune system is missing when it comes to being able to avoid it.

So I will start from the beginning. The weekend before Christmas my SIL Amy and 3 of her kids had the stomach flu. We around them a little bit on Sunday so I just made sure We all washed our hands a lot. It had been a couple of days and we didn't get it so I figured we were in the clear. However, the Wednesday after Christmas I needed to take Elsa in to the doctor for a diaper rash so I asked my mom to watch Caitlyn. (Have you ever taken multiple kids to the doctor before? That is a whole other post.) Well, that night my mom came down with the stomach flu. When I found that out I thought great, we are going to get it for sure. They say the stomach flu is usually more contagious before you actually have the symptoms so I figured we would be getting it. A few days went by and we were still in the clear so I was happy.

Well, a week after my mom had it I woke up thinking it was a normal day but after a few hours I was like I don't feel so good. Yep, I had it. Of course it happens on the day of mutual in the month that I am in charge of the activities so I totally had to flake and the other leaders had to pick up the slack. Compared to some of the stomach flus I have had this one was pretty mild. By Thursday I was weak (no food for a whole day for a nursing mother does not give you a lot of energy) but was able to eat and function. My kids were really good while I was sick so that was nice. This was my first time having to take care of my kids when I was sick. When I worked my awesome babysitter when still take Caitlyn for me when I was sick. I just kept praying that my kids would not get it. I figured well at least I have had it so of they do get it I can take care of them and not be paranoid about getting it. A few days past and we were in the clear so I once again I was happy.

Well, Yesterday Caitlyn slept in until 8:15 which never happens so I was just hoping she wasn't sick. I thought maybe not taking naps is just catching up to her. My mothers intuition was kicking in but I was trying to ignore it. She seemed fine when she woke up so I thought we would be okay. She wasn't really herself that morning though. Around 1 I was feeding her some yogurt and in the middle of that she threw up. All over her and the rug. So after getting her and the rug cleaned up I made her lay down. She was kind of restless but eventually fell asleep. When she woke up she threw up again. It is so hard to convince a 2 1/2 year old why she can't have juice or something to eat so it was a long afternoon. I just kept giving her spoonfuls of water that night but after an hour and half she threw that up. I decided to call the doctor just for the peace of mind that I was doing what I should be doing. I knew she wasn't dehydrated but it is always a concern. She finally went to bed around 10 and slept through the night. She did wake up sometime in the night though to get a sippy cup because there was an empty one in her bed with her this morning. She didn't fill it up or anything but it made me laugh at how smart she is. When she woke up this morning she was acting normal. She has been eating and drinking mild things and so far no throwing up. I can't get to excited though because typically when Caitlyn gets the stomach flu she throws up off and on for a few days. Hopefully this time is different.

I just continue to hope that Wade and Elsa don't get it. Only time will tell. Who knows where we all got it from. We always try to play the blame game but I know nobody ever wants other people to get it. I know it is just a fact of life. Thank goodness it is usually over in 24 hours. So tag we're it, no tag backs!

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Tristen said...

Yeah, I second that no tag backs cause I feel the same way with the flu and also with colds!!! Sorry Caitlyn is sick....I am glad we aren't around to pass you our sicknesses and to get yours either! The only part that's not terrible about living farther apart I guess!