Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Sabbath Day

Oh aren't they so cute. Don't let those sweet faces fool you. A few hours earlier they were not so sweet.

So this year we switched chruch times from 1 p.m to 9 a.m. I was so excited to switch to 9. Yes, it is early but at least your day isn't spent getting ready for church. 1 was also hard because it was nap time for Caitlyn so come Sunday night I was ready for her to be in bed at 6. So last week was our first week at 9. I got up got ready and then got the kids ready. I actually think the spirit was in our home the entire time we were getting ready. I can't say the same when chruch was at 1. So we went to chruch and Caitlyn was just restless. She was so much worse than when church was at 1. I came home last week trying to figure out why and I decided that in the morning she plays a lot and is used to being active. By the afternoons it is usually quiet time. So today started out the same we got ready and went to church. As the sacrament was being passed I had to take Caitlyn out. We went back after the sacrament and she was okay but her okay is wandering along the bench, laying on the floor. Trying to get her to sit still is a joke. When I came back in with Caitlyn, Elsa started and was whining. Wade and I just took turns battling the 2 during sacarament meeting. Caitlyn had to be taken out again by Wade towards the end. At one point I was ready to walk out without any of my kids. 5 minutes before it was over I decided Elsa could be hungry so I grabbed the diaper bag and hurried out. Luckily my ward is loud so I think we just blend in and don't annoy people too badly. As I walked out with Elsa Caitlyn was in the hall with Wade and started fussing when she saw me but I just continued down the hall. Thank goodness for nursery. Elsa calmed down and just got fussy during YW so I had to take her out to get her to sleep. I was glad when we were finally home.

Then it was off to a YW meeting. I came home from that to more whining though. Elsa only likes to go to sleep for me and Caitlyn thinks she doesn't need naps. She was bouncing off the walls when I came home. I got Elsa to sleep ( who only slept and hour) and Caitlyn and I went upstairs to watch a movie for quiet time. Wade had stake priesthood so then I was left alone with the tired children. Caitlyn was in bed at 8 and Elsa shortly after. Now there is peace. Now I am enjoying my sabbath day.

I don't know what the solution is. It is just the time of life I am in. I do love my kids and being a mom. It is just very challenging sometimes but I always seem to get through it.

Here are some more pictures from the past week.

MMMMMM! I love those peas!

Just having fun!

Caitlyn rolls her tongue all the time so we took a picture of it.

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Tristen said...

Sooooo cute! I love their church dresses! I know what I am taking to church with me from now on...bristle blocks! haha