Friday, January 4, 2008


Since I have had children I have always loved and relied on naptime. When I first had Caitlyn and was working from home 2 days a week those were my most productive hours. When I quit work this past May I loved naptime becuase I was able to take naps. I love naps! When Elsa was born it was chance to catch up on much needed sleep. Naptime is also a chance to have patience restored and to give me the strength I need to get through the rest of the day. I need that break everyday.

So with that being said, the past couple of weeks my 2 1/2 year old, Caitlyn, has decided that taking naps are just not fun anymore. I can't say I blame her, I would want to play with my new kitchen or my dollhouse instead of take a nap. I don't mind if she misses a day but the next day she is totally ready for one and I am ready for her to have one. She will stay in her room and play for awhile before she comes downstairs but that is slowly starting to change as well.

I have kind of declared defeat on her laying in her bed and going to sleep like she used to. So I thought that I would try turning on a movie and that she would magically fall asleep. Nope, not Caitlyn. She thinks its game. If I could jsut focus on her I could probably get her to sleep but Elsa requires attention too.

So today was going well, Elsa went down about 1. She hadn't had a nap yet so I thought she will sleep for a couple of hours and then I can get Caitlyn asleep. After laying Elsa down I came down and held Caitlyn and turned on Polar Express. Everytime I thought Caitlyn was getting close she would move around. I was even starting to fall asleep. Then on the monitor I hear Elsa. No way she is not awake, it has only been 45 minutes! So I go up thinking I put the pacifier back and she would go back to sleep. No such luck. How can I be mad at her though when through the rails of the crib she gives a big melt your heart smile. I come back downstairs and of course Caitlyn is not asleep. That's it we are going for a car drive.

So off to Tropical Smoothie we go, It is kind of far and they have a drive-thru. For sure this will put at least Caitlyn to sleep who I can tell is tired. We drive about 15 minutes to Tropical Smoothie and she is not asleep, no worries we still have the drive home. We get to the exit and she is sill not asleep. We make another round through some streets and still not asleep. Okay I will get back on the freeway to Durango and if she is still not asleep when I get home I will just have to accept defeat for the day. As we are approaching our neighborhood I am begining to get frustrated because she is not asleep trying not to have a breakdown because I just don't know what to do. I pull into my driveway and she falls asleep. Better late then never I guess.

So there is my first post. After many months and people bugging me, I have finally started a blog. I hope you enjoy reading it and keeping up on the crazy fun life of the Christiansen's.


barlows said...

Okay, good start! Add some pictures of you about to go loony and you'll get a HUGE following. Smart move to take a drive; I just yell. Added you to my faves, so post often.

Tristen said...

Oh I remember when Nathan did this to me. It's a very traumatic moment when your 2 1/2 year old gives up their naps isn't it? I still am not completely over it honestly. hehe I am so glad you started a blog!

Jenn said...

Hey Alexis,
I just found your blog. Welcome to the blogging world. I love having a new blogging friend. And we still need to make rolls together sometime. I am so glad you started a blog!
Jenn Reese

Anonymous said...

I will enjoy looking at your blog, especially those two little girls. They are the cutest.

Angela said...

It is good to see you have gotten on the Blog band wagon maybe now we will be able to get more pictures. Hang in there with the naps I know it can be really frustrating.