Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Baby is Growing Up

Elsa is getting too big too fast. She turned 7 months on Tuesday. It seems like just yesterday I was crying because I was still pregnant and could not go into labor and now my baby has a tooth! It is crazy how fast time goes.
Well, let me go back a couple of months, Elsa starting waking up at night screaming and the only thing that would calm her down is some Tylenol. I figured she was teething but I didn't know. I remember with Caitlyn thinking that she was teething but then she never cut any teeth until she was 11 months. In December when I was complaining to the Dr that she was waking up he looked in her mouth and said that her teeth are moving around. They might not cut through for a while but they are working on it. So off and on the last month or so she would wake up screaming and sometimes I would give her Tylenol but most of the time I just let her cry it out. So hopefully I am not a bad mom but I just can't get up every time she cries. I also didn't really think that she was actually going to cut a tooth because it took Caitlyn forever. It is too hard to know why they are waking up in the night.
So Tuesday she woke up from her nap in bad mood. She was just not herself. I was feeling in her mouth wondering if she was cutting a tooth thinking I was seeing something but not sure because I can never tell. I didn't feel a tooth though I finally was able to calm her down and then things were back to normal. Well, last night at mutual my friend Shelly was asking me if she had any teeth . I was like "no", while I was feeling her gums, and I was like wait yes she has a tooth. So sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday night she cut her first tooth. I would try and get a picture but I don't have enough hands right now. I really have only seen it once. She does not cooperate with me trying to see it. So, my baby is getting big so fast. She will be crawling soon. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks so it is only a matter of time. She is bundle of joy and always can bring a smile to my face.


Tristen said...

I can't believe she has a tooth already! Hopefully she doesn't bite you though! eeek!! Rylee started getting on her hands and knees and she goes backwards! Agh! Too scary that they are getting so big already!

Angela said...

I can't believe she already has a tooth. They grow up way too fast because I can't believe in about a month Morgan will be 6. It seems like yesterday I was pregnant with her.