Monday, March 24, 2008

A Day in Our Crazy Life

So today when I woke up the only things on the agenda were to go to the Post office and to Costco. When you have two kids with you though nothing is really ever that easy. (I'm sure those of you with 3 or more kids would love to trade me but don't you remember when you thought 2 kids were hard?)
So by the time we were all up, fed and dressed we left the house about 11. We were in the car and headed to the post office. Once we got there I put Elsa in the stroller while Caitlyn walked. When we got in there I got my package all ready and then got in line. Of course the line was about 10 people long and they weren't efficient and everybody had all these difficult packages they had to send. Caitlyn was pretty good. She wandered but didn't really hurt anything. The lady that was in front of me said you can go ahead of me, I have grand kids and know how impatient they can be. I love nice people like that. (It is amazing to me sometimes how oblivious people are. My favorite is when I am pushing the double stroller and the doors don't automatically open and people will walk by me while I am trying to hold the door open while pushing the stroller through.) I was called up to counter and then about 3 seconds later she was called up so that made me happy that she didn't have to wait forever.
Now we were off to Costco. By this time it was about noon so I decided we would eat and then shop. Caitlyn does not let us leave Costco without getting a Hot Dog. Costco was not full of too many nice people. When I go to Costco by myself I don't really have much of an option than to push my cart up to the food line. Usually I eat before the lunch rush so I don't have to push it through the ropes. Today it was kind of crazy so I got in line behind a man. There was a lady in front of him that was chatting it up with some other lady outside of the rope. She was totally oblivious to what was going on. The man in front of me cut in front of her and I would have too but I had my cart. I thought about ramming her with the cart to get her attention but just said "excuse me" with an attitude. She finally moved. We got our food but the next task is getting Ketchup for the hot dogs and drinks filled. There was crowds of people but I managed to work my way through with the cart. The next task a table. As I am walking down the row there is one open where I can park my cart to. So I pull my cart back out of the way. I have my back to the table and while I am trying to unhook Caitlyn from the cart some guy comes and sits down at the table. I didn't say anything maybe I should have just sat there anyway. I'm sure he would have loved to have lunch with a 2 yr old and and 8 month old. So I walked around trying to find a table. There was not one table open. I really wanted to just start crying. It was just a lot of work today. It hasn't been that stressful in the past. I stood around for about 10 minutes and then finally a table opened. We ate and were off to shop. After that things were pretty smooth. We got home and it was nap time. Elsa fought me a little but finally went down. Caitlyn never did take a nap but she wasn't acting too bad so it was okay. I organized Caitlyn's toys and then went to start dinner.
I had dinner simmering while Elsa was playing on the floor by me. I look down to see what she is doing and she is trying to get some crumb from the floor, I pick up the crumb and notice some red on the floor I thought it was from a cut I had. Then I see Elsa with something and it is a pretty big piece of glass from a jar that I broke about 3 weeks ago. I took it away thinking that she didn't cut herself and then I remember the red on the floor and so I check her hand and sure enough she had a cut on the tip of her index finger. Elsa didn't cry at all. It was bleeding really bad though so I went up to our room to get the band aids. Have you ever tried to put a band-aid on an 8 month old though? She was not cooperating. Because of where the cut was she needed 2 band-aids so it stayed on. I put one set on but she bled through it. I got some gauze out and added that with the next set but it was a pain. I think I went through about 8 bandages until finally it stayed on. She wouldn't leave it alone and so she pulled it off. It was still bleeding so I had to start another round. While I was doing this Caitlyn took off her diaper and said she went pee in the potty. She really didn't, she just likes to sit on her potty. That is the next project in the next few weeks. I'm sure they'll be some good posts about that. Anyway, I finally got a band-aid on and we came downstairs. Remember that dinner that was simmering? Yes, it was burned. It is 6:30 and now I have a screaming 8 month old who had been traumatized from trying to put on a band-aid, Caitlyn running around and no dinner. We go outside to calm Elsa down and try and distract her from the band-aid. Caitlyn put leaves all over the porch and I told her pick them up or she was going to her room. Of course she didn't pick them up so she was in her room. I called Wade and asked him when he was coming home and it was not soon enough.
Elsa pulled off her other set of band-aids but thankfully it wasn't really bleeding anymore. I probably used16 to 18 band-aids. I got Caitlyn our of her room and Elsa calmed down so now I needed to worry about dinner. We ate a frozen pizza.
Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully there won't be too much craziness.


barlows said...

Yes, I remember when 2 was a lot. The feelings of frustration and despair don't change even though you have more kids, so it's good that you know tomorrow will be better. That's a good attitude :) Hang in there.

Tristen said...

I totally know the feeling with all the frustrations!!! I am just finally catching up on all the new blog action that has happened! I am glad you blogged with some pictures too! So cute! I love the girls Easter dresses!!!!!

Perry Family said...

Alexis, I have soooooo been there with the crazy days. All I can say is it gets better! Keep blogging, it's such a good outlet for me, and helps me see I'm not alone in my crazy world. And hurray it's almost april, tax day is almost here!!!