Friday, March 7, 2008

Mornings and Updates

I would not say I am a morning person. I would rather stay up late and sleep in. Before I had kids I could easily sleep in until 11 or 12 and I loved it! Having children has changed all of that though. I now have no choice but to be a morning person. Every so often I will still get to sleep in but not very much, especially now that I have nursing baby, a husband that currently has to work Saturdays, and church at 9. Caitlyn has always been an early riser and I think that is because I had to go to work and so she had to be up and ready to go. Elsa is really good because she will wake up around 6 and then go back to sleep until about 9. Some mornings I do turn on the TV for Caitlyn and go back to sleep for awhile but it is not the same as sleeping in my bed until 9. I will take whatever I can get though. This morning was not one of those mornings that I was able to go back to sleep and I really wanted to. Elsa woke up and ate but wouldn't go back to sleep and Caitlyn was up at 6:30. Oh Well, I will just try to get a nap today.

It has been a pretty normal week this past week but I will tell you some cute things my girls have done this week.
Caitlyn - One morning after I was done showering I went to check on Caitlyn and she had gone downstairs got the grated cheese out of the fridge grabbed the scissors out of the drawer (all of our scissors have been put up for a while now but I must have put the kitchen ones back in the drawer out of habit) got a spoon and a cup and headed upstairs. She then cut the Ziploc bag open (she knows how to open Ziploc bags) filled her cup with cheese and proceeded to eat it. When I found her she was like "I tut it mommy" Thankfully nothing more happened with the scissors and I remembering to put them on top of the fridge. Caitlyn is starting to talk more and more and use lots of sentencing and it is so cute. When she sees things on the TV that she wants she says "mommy buy this" I don't know how she has picked that up she is so smart. She keeps me on my toes. It is harder to outsmart a 2 year old then I thought it would be. She has a little bit of a cold but so far it isn't too bad so hopefully it stays that way.
Elsa - She cut her other bottom tooth last week. She continues to get faster and faster at crawling. She will be on her tummy crawling and can get back into a sitting position. She is getting so big so fast and I cannot believe it. She is a really good baby.
Wade - continues to work at least 12 hour days and 5 or 6 on Saturday. In a way I am thankful for Utah Games because they get him home from work at a decent time some days.
That is all that has been going on in the Christiansen household.


Anonymous said...

Its good to hear an update on those cute kiddos. I miss them. Give them hugs from Nana. :)

Angela said...

Morgan was really good with scissors until last summer when she cut her hair so then all of the pairs went up at my house. Glad to hear an update on you guys.

Perry Family said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who likes to (would rather) sleep in and stay up late. I always felt so guilty that I wanted to be sleeping (even if I was up with the baby a few times during the night) when Bryanna would come in my room and wake me. Thank goodness Maddox is sleeping through the night now, mornings are much easier. But I still treasure the mornings I get a few more hours of sleep in, which are few in number.

Tristen said...

I do the same thing too with Nathan...cartoons are a huge lifesaver when you are too tired to get up when they do. :)

barlows said...

Even though I talk to you enough, I like to read your blog SO KEEP POSTING!