Sunday, March 23, 2008

Random Pictures

So I know I haven't been very good about blogging. Life has been busy with being a wife, mom and YW stuff. Hopefully this week calms down a little. Here are some random pictures from the last couple of weeks. I had another picture to share but I accidentally deleted it. It was of Elsa and Caitlyn playing on the stairs. Elsa is trying so hard to climb the stairs but hasn't figured it out quite yet, Thank goodness. She has recently started to pull herself up on the ottoman. She is getting so big!

Elsa's other love is rugs. She follows me around and if there is a rug in sight she will try and eat it.

This picture is on the Sunday that we moved our clocks forward. Neither one would take nap earlier but by 5:00 pm they were out. Of course they both wanted mom and within seconds they were asleep.

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Angela said...

Too cute! The time change is so hard on them. Morgan had a rough time getting up to go to school but finally she is adjusted just in time for Spring Break.