Sunday, December 30, 2012

August Happenings

In August the Girls started school and Sam celebrated her Birthday.
Caitlyn started school first.  She is in second grade.  She has a great teacher and is learning so much.  This is her first day of School.

Elsa started school a week after Caitlyn because they do evaluations with the kindergartners.  She is loving going to school. Here is her first day of School picture.
 Sam was not talking much so she qualified to be in the preschool at the elementary school.  She started on her 3rd birthday.  She cried the first day but now loves going to school.  She walks right in and sits down.  She is sad on Wednesdays because she doesn't have school.  She is making great improvements with Speech.  She is saying more words.  She is still missing a lot of sounds but it will come.  I met with her teachers a few weeks ago and they are happy with her progress.
 Here are the pictures from her birthday.  She got clothes, a sesame street house and some other toys.  We also went to Red Robin for her birthday dinner.

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