Monday, December 31, 2012

November Happenings

In November, Wade ran the Ragnar Race in Las Vegas.  The girls were on Track Break so we decided to go with Wade to Vegas.  I stayed there for a week while Wade went back to work. He came back for Thanksgiving with my family (we celebrate it the weekend before Thanksgiving) and then we drove up to Utah to celebrate Thanksgiving with Wade's family. 
While in Last Vegas we blessed Brooke. Like all of my girls Brooke was blessed in the same dress that I was blessed in.  My Grandma Martenson made it.  Here are the pictures from the Blessing.
 So I always like to have the girls pictures professionally done in the blessing dress.  My friend Ashley Callihan took these pictures for me.

Here are some other random pictures of Brooke.  In November she was starting to smile a lot.

While we were in Utah.  Caitlyn got to go to the Utah Basketball games with Wade.  They let all the kids go down to the floor when the players are coming out.  These are pictures from that.  She had a lot of fun.
When we were in Las Vegas we took Family Pictures with the Barlow side of the family.  We hadn't taken them since Sam was six weeks old.  We also took some individual ones as well.

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